Elementary Grades 1 – 6

The elementary academic program is designed and purposed to provide an excellent Bible-centered academic foundation for subsequent higher learning. The program is traditional in format with consistent emphasis on supportive, friendly and well-disciplined classrooms. Academics consist of general studies in language arts (including phonics for lower grades), arithmetic, history, and science. All grades have daily Bible studies with an emphasis on developing a Christ-like character, not strictly academic knowledge of the Scripture. Music, art, and physical education are also incorporated into the program.

Junior High through High School

All classes are traditional in format with a consistent emphasis on supportive, friendly, and well-disciplined classrooms. The High School has been designed to allow students to have flexibility in planning for the future. There are courses designed to prepare the student for college admission or other career goals. Each student must carry a minimum of 27 credits a year. Satisfactory completion of specific courses is required for graduation.