Training Your Brain!

(Part 1 of 11, so stay tuned!)

Our brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised so it can grow! There are

“Thinking Tools” that we need to use so our brain can function to its full potential!

It is like every other muscle, use it or lose it.


We are going to put these cognitive functions into three categories:

Input (how something gets into your brain)

Elaboration (how we think about it in our brain)

Output (how we show we understand)


The first thinking tool is FOCUS-ing our senses! We need to be aware of all of

the things that we see, smell, hear, feel, and taste when we are learning something

new. The more we focus our senses on new information the easier our brain

remembers and stores the information.


When your child is experiencing something for the first time be sure to ask

questions that require the use of all of the senses.


The second thinking tool is Looking CAREFULLY! I Spy is a great game for this

one, or the hidden object games. It is so important to take a very close and careful

look so we can see all of the details we need.


The next time your child asks you where something is , before you just tell them be

sure to help them exercise their brain and look carefully again!